Singing Lessons Beginner to Advanced & Performance Skills

"The only unique thing a singer brings to a song is their voice because everything else is a remix. Your voice is the only thing nobody else has." - Donna Flynn  

If You Have Never Had Singing Lessons Before Or If You Are Not Sure What To Expect From Your Voice, I Suggest You Schedule A "Full Voice & Technique Assessment". This And All Techniques I Use Are Based on "Principles for Best Practice".  

The Benefits Of Beginning With A Professional Vocal Assessment 

  • Begin with the most important exercises first based on your individual needs. 
  • Find out WHY your voice does what it does and what is keeping it from doing the things you want it to do.
  • Get rid of old outdated things that are no longer useful for you. Times have changed. Your approach to singing needs to advance with the current knowledge we have about the voice and your voice as it changes as you change.

- Your voice is like a “fingerprint”.  No two are the same.  Every voice has qualities that are uniquely theirs and need different things, based on the voice they have been given and habits that build up each time the voice is used.  Let's get to the heart of the matter and get started on the right fundamentals and techniques for you.  

The voice has so much potential that most singers and speakers never experience most of it.  It’s time to change that! 

The Vocal Assessment / Technical Diagnostic is your rare opportunity to be guided through a fun and simply process to learn more about your voice and how it is perfectly designed. 

I listen to and observe exactly what you are doing, right and wrong, giving you techniques on the spot, to begin bringing out more vocally and exploring greater levels within yourself.  The tools are holistic and medically proven.

  • YOUR VOICE AS AN INSTRUMENT:  Together, we go through a series of easy to do drills where you are given the fabulous task of exploring your Full Vocal Instrument.  Whether you want to develop more of your voice to achieve higher levels within yourself or simply use the voice you have in better ways, this session is for you.  As your coach, I am here to sift through all the white noise and design a lesson that works directly on what matters most to you.  You walk away with more clarity, confident in knowing you have taken an important step forward.
  • KEEPIN’ IT HEALTH: Maybe something happened that caused your voice to lose strength.  Perhaps your voice is inconsistent, or you are concerned about vocal nodules, or experience hoarseness.  Is your range decreasing or sounding airy?  Do you wonder how to care for your voice to keep things healthy?  No problem!  During your Vocal Assessment I will analyze your voice and vocal patterns.  If something fell off track, we will begin to turn that around immediately. 

Kick your vocal adventure off in the BEST way possible!

Jump into high gear by scheduling a session today – Beginner to Advanced!

Call 416-436-8063 today!   "The only unique thing a singer brings to a song is their voice  because everything else is a remix. Your voice is the only thing nobody else has." - Donna Flynn  

Singing Lessons - What to Expect


No two voices are the same. Stop imitating other singers and find your "Signature Style" once and for-all.

SINGING VOICE LESSONS - Beginner to Advanced

BEGINNER LEVEL Kick-Start System: You make months of progress in weeks, using only "Principles for Best Practice". Your foundation is built on personalised techniques using leading-edge technology.  This is a health focused approach for life-long singing.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: Enhance what you already know. Move your singing to the next level using this advanced approach for accelerated learning. We do not need to re-invent the wheel. Singing is not about learning vocal scales or mastering a method. Singing is about using the voice right and progressing one level at a time. Let's find out where your voice is now, and set a plan to move you forward quickly and easily. 

ADVANCED LEVEL: Prepare for a professional career, entry into a university music program, or expand the career you already have. Stand out from the crowd. Find your signature sound and style. Make and impact!

Everyone can improve the sound of their voice

Every session is designed for you, using the most advanced training tools available today, allowing you to make more progress easier.  This training is the real deal.  

Only about 25% of your voice is the gifting you have been given.  The other 75% is know-how.  Know-how, in the end is what divides the singers who send chills down your spine from singers who do not.  I teach you the right skills specific for your voice type, so you develop the know-how.  Anybody can acquire know-how if given the right direction.  I give you that direction.

All you have to do is be open to experiencing something you never have before, bringing your enthusiasm and passion for singing with you.

Areas of Focus Include:

  • Vocal Assessment – Beginning the Journey
  • Tone
  • Breath
  • Voice Control
  • Pitch Production
  • Sound Modification
  • Proper Use of the Voice
  • Articulation, Intonation
  • Voice Styling / Repertoire Building
  • Enhancing Your Richest Vocal Qualities
  • Performance Skills / Delivery / Audition Preparation
  • Vocal Maintenance / Hygiene

Also Available:

  • Stage Fright and Anxiety – Learn to manage fear and feel more confident
  • Children / Teens – Safely develop the younger voice, learning fundamentals specific to the child’s stage of vocal development, building confidence, and setting a solid foundation to grow from
  • The Ageing Voice – Sounding great through the mature years
  • Educational-Kinesiology – Whole Brain Learning – Improve memory retention, memory recall and much more.

You may want to work on some of these area, or perhaps all of them.  Because your goals are top priority, I design your training to fit those parameters, while giving you the most relevant techniques to move you to the next level and bring out the best in your voice. 

Call me today at 416-436-8063 to begin your singing adventure.