From Stage Fright to Confidence

Manage Stress & Social Anxiety - Stop Procrastinating


There are many tools and techniques that we will use to address your specific concerns. Together we will design a program to fit your needs.

Managing anxiety, stage fright and difficulty focusing can be managed through breathing techniques, tone and rhythm patterns, and Educational Kinesiology.

Read More to See if Edu-K is Something You Would Like Included in Your Program:  

Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) is whole brain learning, combining theoretical thinking with your creativity.  It is the study of the body-mind connection to enhance and speed up learning.  

Dr. Dennison, was unable to read and failed the third grade because of it. Standard teaching methods did not work for him. He realized that there must be a better way to learn.  As an educator and therapist he developed and shares Edu-K with others. “You have to go through the wound to get to the gift” says Dr. Dennison.  

For singers and business professionals, Edu-K helps them become technically accurate while being creatively unique and expressive.  My certification makes it easy for anyone wanting to add it to their training.

Edu-K has 3 Dimensions:

  1. Brain:  Laterality – Communication – Cerebrum Cortex (Midline Movements)
  2. Heart:  Centering – Organization – Limbic System (Energy Activities & Deepening Attitudes)
  3. Body:  Focus – Comprehension – Brain Stem (Lengthening Activities)

Educational Kinesiology is a tool many people have used to improve the learning process to move far beyond their current abilities and often beyond the abilities of their competition.  It was initially used to help those with learning challenges such as dyslexia, A.D.D., A.D.H.D, Autism, manage sadness/depression or mood disorders, but became widely used by individuals wanting to have a deeper learning experience to maximize their potential in all areas of life.

Edu-K is used in over 90 countries and translated in to over 50 languages for companies such as Reebok, Chapters-Indigo, Ralph Lauren Footwear, Berklee School of Music, York University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto Teachers Education Program, Toronto Public Health, Centre for Early Learning – Exceptional Children Unit, City of Toronto – City Hall, The National Ballet of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Massage Therapy Association, York University, Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute, Peel District School Board, Providence Learning Centres, Georgian College, Toronto District School Board, London Catholic District School Board, Adidas Group, Ontario Science Centre, to name a few. In Toronto it is practiced in a number of Montessori and private schools.

These are an added benefit that can be included to any training program designed for you.

Athletes have used the power of the mind to excel for years. Now business professional, schools and individuals such as you and me, can use these tool to “get the edge”.  I’m all for that !!!!

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