Bio - Background & Experience

About Donna Flynn

 What we know about the voice has changed a lot in recent years.  I continue my education so advances in vocal technique and eliminating harmful and outdated thinking is a part of every training session.  

After moving to Toronto from Montreal, Donna began a journey of vocal training that connected her with coaches in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville as well as the Royal Conservatory in Toronto.

Although she found it beneficial, no one was able to offer a method that allowed her to progress to the level she felt she was capable of reaching.  Repertoire work consisted of taking a piece of music and learning it phrase-by-phrase – identical to the original piece.  She felt more like an impersonator then a singer.

It was clear that the only way she would find training that would bring out her full voice and individuality, would be to develop it herself.  So she did………..

When Donna coaches a vocalist to develop their instrument “voice tones” and “styling” is used allowing the singer to explore greater vocal dimensions. Some people overlook that and simply imitate singers or styles, which never develops the voice properly and diminishes the authentic characteristics of their voice.  This usually leaves the singer with a sense that something is missing or fills their mind with information not relevant to their specific voice gifting.  This results in confusion about how to sing which does not produce results, only frustration.  Donna clears up all the confusion and gets the singer on the fast track to getting the richness of the voice they know they have inside.

Her education in vocal technique and vocal health goes far beyond that of a Vocal Coach allowing students to learn advanced techniques tailored to the individual, their vocal needs and goals.  

I have been involved in countless audition processes for commercials, tv, stage, and have worked with record companies, award winning producers, and vocalists preparing for recording, performing and touring. Business professionals and leaders sharpen their speaking and presentation skills through coaching too. Voice feminization and voice masculinization in the transgender community is becoming more and more common. It seems that everyone has something they want to do and they want to do it in the best way possible. 

She is a member of SOCAN. 

Education / Credentials

 My personal voice training background has exposed me to all aspects of the human voice and all music genres.  I have trained privately through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, have extensive training in various Speech Singing methods and I have continued my education through medical programs offered by universities/hospitals in both Canada and the USA for voice function.

LEADING EDGE ADVANTAGE - Be on the Forefront of Voice Development using Medically Proven Principles and Advancements:


  • Meta Therapy, Assessment, Pitch Training, Resonance and Intonation, Speech and Language Training, Nonverbal Communication, Working with Transgender Men, Working with Transgender Women, Working with Adolescents and their Guardians, Skill Acquisition, Maintenance and Carryover, Before and After, and Challenging Cases.

2.  OPTIMIZING TECHNIQUE 2015 EVIDENCE AND SCIENTIFIC UPDATES - Vocalizing with Ease:  Provincial Voice Care Resource Program, supported by the Division of Otolaryngology, University of British Columbia and BC Provincial Health Services.


  • Comprehensive Assessment and Management of voice care for professional and occupational voice users, voice disorders, psychopathology of voice disorders, muscle misuse, pitch change, and the irritable larynx.​
  • Client-centered approach to assessment examines the four fundamental areas of voice function since they may contribute, in varying degrees, to causing or perpetuating symptoms that culminate in laryngeal dysfunction, recognizing the nature of interactions among four key factors.
  • Potential interactions with primary or secondary anatomical features such as injuries, diseases, lifestyle, reflux, and aging processes.
  • Management Procedures – Prioritize diagnostic and treatment process.
  • Techniques used in individual and group programs.
  • Clinical example selections of treatment priorities for specific anatomical and muscle misuse factors.

Vancouver General Hospital Pacific Voice Clinic, multidisciplinary clinic ALERT model as it relates to the voice and larynx.

4. I am grateful for all the mentors and doctors who have contributed to this particularly the University of Pittsburgh Voice Center - The Voice Group, Contemporary Voice Care, and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center whose distinctive course offering on the singing voice significantly enhances my role as a Vocal Coach and Singing Voice Specialist.  This journey into higher learning of the voice began in 2006 and continues today. Topics learned include but not limited to are:

  • Laryngeal Stroboscopy
  • Transnasal Esophagoscopy
  • Functional Endoscopic Evaluations of Swallowing
  • Phono Microsurgery
  • Laryngeal Framework Surgery
  • Vocal Fold Injection
  • Contemporary Voice Therapy


5.  Strain/Hoarseness, Vocal Nodes, and Voice Burnout: My training through the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh Voice Group means I can work directly with doctors to help you overcome voice problems faster and help singers relearn how to sing so a re-injury, which is common, does not occur.  Because vocal technique is stopped immediately when strain and other voice concerns begin, medically safe voice work is introduced to rehabilitate the voice and keep the singer from digressing too far.  Often, singers are not sure if they have vocal nodes but that can all be determined during a regular vocal lesson.

6.  WHOLE BRAIN LEARNING - Educational Kinesiology Certification: Educational Kinesiology helps students leverage their training and tap into more of their potential through the balance between the technical and creative mind.  It helps with memory retention and recall, and is used to speed up learning.

  • Edu-K is used in over 90 countries and translated in to over 50 languages for companies such as Reebok, Chapters-Indigo, Ralph Lauren Footwear, Berklee School of Music, York University, McMaster University, University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto Teachers Education Program, Toronto Public Health, Centre for Early Learning – Exceptional Children Unit, City of Toronto – City Hall, The National Ballet of Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Massage Therapy Association, York University, Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute, Peel District School Board, Providence Learning Centres, Georgian College, Toronto District School Board, London Catholic District School Board, Adidas Group, Ontario Science Centre, to name a few. In Toronto it is practiced in a number of Montessori and private schools.

7. Additional Training:  My personal voice training background has exposed me to all aspects of the human voice and all music genres.  I have trained privately through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and have extensive training in several Singing methods.

Projects & Performances

 I assist in many audition processes for vocalists for EMI Records, Canadian Idol, award winning producers and the Hummingbird Centre to name just a few.  I have worked with vocalists from Sony/Curve and EMI Records preparing for recording, performing and touring.

My work has been published in the book “The Perfect Rehearsal” written by Dr. Timothy Seelig, PhD from the USA in his book entitled “The Perfect Rehearsal” in the chapter “Vocal Health in Rehearsal”.   I am the only Canadian voice expert asked to contribute to his book so I am very appreciative to have been included in a book written by a man of his stature and musical accomplishments.  In addition, I have had my writings and articles published over 240 times worldwide.     

I have facilitated Voice Clinics at the Mohawk College – Careers in Music Conference, Corporate Public Speaking Conferences, and facilitated training sessions for artists with stage fright, and anxiety issues.

Other Interesting Projects - Snapshot:

  • ShelterBox Disaster Relief Dinner and Concert: Emcee and Performance 2017
  • CNIB - “A Whole New Light” Documentary:  It was an honor to be filmed as part of a documentary about the life of Vivian Chong  who became blind five years ago after a medical emergency.  A portion of her vocal training was included in the documentary about her life.
  • Had her work included in the book “The Perfect Rehearsal”:  Dr. Timothy Seelig, Ph.D from the USA included her work in his latest book entitled “The Perfect Rehearsal” in his chapter “Vocal Health in Rehearsal”.  Dr. Seelig consulted with some of the finest conductors in the United States.  Donna is honored to be the only Canadian among this esteemed group of music experts. Facilitated a voice clinic at the Mohawk College Careers in Music Conference / Hamilton Music Awards
  • Facilitated a Creative Voice Clinic at Winterfolk Music Festival
  • Co-Master of Ceremonies at the Voices for a Cure Canadian Cancer Society Benefit Concert held at the Opera House.
  • Member of the Canadian Idol Outreach Team.
  • Facilitates voice training for those who experience performance fear, anxiety issues and other learning challenges.
  • Facilitated a “Find Your Voice” workshop for a leadership training conferences
  • Judge for the TIMA (Toronto Independent Music Awards).
  • Judge for the Winterfolk Music Festival live auditions.
  • Judge for the SASS (School Alliance of Student Songwriters) Song Competition on World Piece.
  • Appeared twice on LiquidLunch with Hugh Reilly with  
  • Performed at The Toronto Fringe Festival.

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